Edit a Design Template

Explore our ready to use templates for inspiration or use them to make your logo. Simply replace the text, colors or graphics with our free icons and fonts to fit your brand needs.

The best way to make a custom logo!

Over 3 Million Graphics

Customize your design using our large graphic library. Make your graphic unique by changing the color, layering it with other graphics, text, shapes and or by changing its position. No other logo canvas allows you to customize graphics.

Designer Fonts

Create an eye catching design with our wide selection of designer fonts. Get creative by curving your text, mirroring it, flipping it vertically/horizontally and changing its color. You can create multi colored text or keep your text in a single color.

Icon Maker

Our icon maker is a powerful tool that allows users to upload their own images and convert them into high-quality vector icons. With this tool, users can easily customize the color and size of their icons without sacrificing image quality. Whether you need a small, single-color icon for a website or a larger, multi-colored one for a print project, our icon maker has you covered. Plus, because vector icons are resolution-independent, you can scale them up or down without worrying about them becoming pixelated or blurry.

Unlimited Design Possibilities

With our millions of graphics, endless shape variations, designer fonts, wide color palette, replaceable templates and our social icon maker you can create a one of a kind design that no one else has. Make any type of design such as a logo, banner, invitation and much more without having designer skills.

Custom Shape Style Tool

Using our simple shapes you can make hundreds of custom design options. Our shape style tool allows you to control and form your own unique shape. Each shape can be easily enhanced by simply changing the angle, its sides, width and so forth. Essentially you can turn a simple shape like a star into a two or three dimensional shape that looks more like a swirl or decagon, for example. 


Explore our beautiful and replaceable templates. You can customize the entire design to fit your needs by easily replacing the graphic, text, position and colors in just a few clicks. LogoMakr has made it easy for you to start your design without having designer skills. 

Custom Text Positioning

Design your text to compliment your graphic and overall brand with our text customization options. LogoMakr allows you to control the line width, line spacing, its opacity and outline, word spacing, font size and positioning. The endless text design variations that you can complete are sure to exceed your text design expectations. 

Social Icon Maker

Make social profile icon files in the exact dimensions needed for social media using our social icon maker. This tool allows you to remove backgrounds, erase unwanted items and crop your design prior to creating your social files. Along with your social files, we also include a favicon for your website.


The LogoMakr is a free logo maker online app to help you make custom logo designs for your business and brand. Our mission has been to simplify professional graphic design tools so that anyone can create a logo, banner, t-shirt art, an invitation and much more without being a designer or without having design experience. 

Absolutely NOT! LogoMakr allows you to simply start designing. No need to give us your email or create an account to make a logo.

LogoMakr is the easiest and most professional way to create a custom logo design that no else has. Unlike other logo maker apps, LogoMakr allows you to take full charge of your design and customize every inch of your logo without having design skills.

Other logo companies use an AI generator and present designs to you which they likely presented to many others in your industry, so your design is never truly unique. With LogoMakr, you don’t need to worry that someone else has your exact design, as you take creative control in designing your one of a kind logo with our abundance of design tool options. 

LogoMakr’s easy to use canvas gives you endless design possibilities, so feel confident that you’ve found the BEST software to design your custom logo, invitation, flyer, banner and pretty much any design need you have. Start designing for free!

  • No AI generator is used, so no one else is likely to have your same logo
  • Simplified professional designer tools for non-designers 
  • You can create custom designs in minutes
  • You have creative control
  • Its super easy to use
  • Design possibilities are endless
  • Ability to download professional files 
  • Full ownership rights when purchased
  • Over 3 million graphics to select from 
  • Create your own graphic with shapes
  • 5 star customer reviews and customer service
  • Used by over 10+ million businesses
  • Trustworthy and secure
  1. Choose a graphic or browse our templates
  2. Add text and update the font to fit your brand
  3. Customize the color, positioning, style or add shapes
  4. Save your file and use it for your marketing/branding needs

A good logo is simple, distinctive, memorable and captures your target audience. Iconic businesses like Apple, Nike and Microsoft have very simple and memorable logos that can easily be identified by their customers. For example, when you see the Apple symbol, you can quickly identify the company without even having the company’s name next to it. 

When you design your logo make sure that it’s simple and incorporate a graphic that you would like customers to identify you by. Then find a font that compliments the curves of your graphic. For example, if your graphic has curves look for a font that is curvier versus pointy. When it comes to color, select a color that stands out, is typically used in your industry and best represents your business and captures your audience’s attention. 


  • For website use 
  • Attribution/Credit required for legal use
  • Low resolution png file


  • For commercial and personal use
  • Full copyright/ownership rights
  • Professional use files in High Resolution Image (300dpi) and Vector Format (PDF and SVG)
  • Print ready (print your files on any merchandise, paper source, billboard/sign and more)
  • Website ready (Start branding your website/business with included fav icon and clear image files)
  • Social media ready (Files in the exact dimensions for social profile icons, such as instagram, facebook, twitter and more)
  • One time flat payment per design

Yes! Our custom design department has a team of experienced professional designers that can design anything for any industry. We have two design packages to select from our Custom Design and our Redesign. All designs are original, as they’re designed from scratch and no templates are used. Here are some of the reason why you should have our designers create your logo:

  • Template designs are never used
  • Original icons designed from scratch! 
  • Unlimited design revisions at a flat rate
  • Experienced designers in a variety of industries
  • 100% Ownership rights/Copyrightable design
  • Final concept provided in vector and image format
  • Psychological branding applied to custom orders
  • 5 Star design department rating based on customer reviews
  • Fluid design process with customer involvement